COVID-19: Who to Call

I am concerned about a business or group that appears to be violating the Stay-at-Home Order

Please call the Police COVID-19 Hotline at (951) 461-6391. Leave a detailed message. This line is monitored. Calls are grouped, prioritized and responded to daily.

I am concerned about lack of handwashing, gloves, etc. at a local to-go food establishment.

Please contact Riverside County Environmental Health at (888) 722-4234.

How do I know who to contact at City Hall during the closure?

Call our virtual front desk at (951) 304-2489. We will help you figure that out and connect you.

I want to get tested for Coronavirus

  • Contact your healthcare provider. They will help identify if you need testing or should self-quarantine and can direct your to test sites. 
  • Another option is to locate a community-based test site, Find out if you meet testing criteria and make a direct appointment for testing.
  • Please reserve ER visits for immediate emergencies.

I want to report price-gouging.

When the governor declares a state of emergency, price gouging statute kicks in. The law generally prohibits charging a price that is more than 10% what an item cost before the state (or local) declaration of emergency.
Complaints can be filed online at or by calling (800) 052-5225.