Storm Water / Clean Water Protection Program

Since Storm Water drains are not connected to a wastewater treatment plant, pollutants that enter storm drains flow directly to our local rivers, lakes and streams untreated. Please help keep our waterways free of pollution by keeping harmful materials out of the storm drain.

The illegal disposal or dumping of waste into the storm drain is a serious problem. State laws and local ordinances strictly prohibit dumping of harmful pollutants into the storm drain system or local waterways. To report illegal dumping or discharges into the storm drain, call the City's Hotline at 951-696-3615.


Preventing pollution is much easier and less costly (for taxpayers) than cleaning up after contamination. Please follow these guidelines to help protect the health and safety of our communities:

  • Never dump anything into a storm drain.
  • Promptly repair leaking automobiles.
  • Use cat litter or other absorbent material to clean-up spills from paved surfaces.
  • When using water-based paints, clean brushes in a sink.
  • Pick up animal waste and dispose of it in trash cans.
  • Try less toxic alternatives for the garden (Call 800-506-2555 for a free home garden guide).
  • Use self-service car wash facilities or wash cars on grassy areas.
  • Keep all trash, green waste and construction debris out of the gutters and storm drains.

Additional Information

For more information on the program and other resources, contact the Storm Water/Clean Water Protection Program at 800-506-2555.